The Employment Ordinance (Chapter 57 of Laws of Hong Kong) allows employees to seek a court order for reinstatement or re- engagement of employment if they make a claim against their employer for unreasonable dismissals in contravention of the law, such as dismissal during paid maternity leave or sick leave. An order for reinstatement returns the employee to the state as if he/she had not been dismissed, while an order for re- engagement requires the employer to re- engage the employee on terms comparable to the original terms or in other suitable employment. Currently, consent from both employer and employee is required.         In March 2016, the Employment (Amendment) Bill (“Bill”) 2016 was introduced to remove the requirement of consent from both parties for unreasonable dismissals in contravention of the law – only the employee’s consent is required.  The Bill also provides flexibility to the employer to apply for the reinstatement to apply to a successor or associated company, but this will require mutual consent by all parties.  An employer which fails to comply with the reinstatement/re- engagement order will be liable for additional penalties under the Bill. The amount of additional compensation for the employee will be the lesser of HK$50,000 or three times the employee’s average monthly wages.