A federal court in Maryland has sentenced a man convicted of Clean Air Act (CAA) violations, money laundering and wire fraud to a prison term of more than 12 years plus payment of $42 million in restitution. United States v. Hailey, No. 11-0540 (D. Md. sentencing 2/22/13). Defendant Rodney Hailey owned Clean Green Fuel, LLC, a Baltimore-area company that he claimed produced biodiesel fuel, and allegedly sold more than 35 million renewable identification numbers (RINs) to brokers and oil companies for biodiesel that never allegedly existed. RINs are typically purchased by fuel producers to demonstrate compliance with renewable fuel requirements under the Energy Independence and Security Act. According to the U.S. attorney who prosecuted the case, Hailey made more than $9 million in the scheme and used the proceeds to purchase luxury automobiles, real estate and jewelry. The court ordered the latter amount forfeited and partially satisfied by the property already seized.