TRC World Group and two of its employees – Travis Haymore and John Morgan – resolved charges brought by a Chicago Board of Trade business conduct committee that, on various dates in August 2016, each respondent engaged in wash sales. The purpose of the transactions, said the CBOT, was to roll forward existing positions. TRC was also charged with failure to supervise for not providing appropriate training to its employees. TRC consented to a fine of US $30,000, while both Mr. Haymore and Mr. Morgan agreed to pay fines of US $10,000 and be suspended from trading on all CME Group exchanges for five business days. Separately, Eamon O’Floinn was charged in and settled a disciplinary action with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for disruptive trading. According to CME, Mr. O’Floinn entered and canceled orders in various CME futures contracts during the pre-opening period that were not entered for purposes of execution, but to assess the depth of the order book. He purportedly engaged in such conduct from November 1, 2016, through June 15, 2017. He agreed to pay a fine of US $10,000 and a 10-day all CME Group exchange trading prohibition to resolve this matter.