1. Finavera Wind, a Vancouver‐based wind energy developer, received final environmental approval for a 49.6MW wind project in British Columbia. The Tumbler Ridge project will cost Finavera C$125 million and will operate under a 25‐year power purchase agreement with BC Hydro.  
  2. Ontario’s renewable energy plan was announced by the provincial government on March 22, 2012 when it published the results of the scheduled two‐year Feed‐in‐Tariff (FIT) program review. The proposed changes to the FIT program include strengthening renewable energy targets by moving up the province’s target date for 10,700 MW of non‐hydro renewable energy from 2018 to 2015. Over the years, Ontario’s FIT program has attracted more than $27 billion in private sector investment and economic opportunities within the province. For more information on the Feed‐In Tariff program twoyear review report, please visit: http://www.energy.gov.on.ca/en/fit‐andmicrofit‐ program/2‐year‐fit‐review/.