The Private Rented Housing (Scotland) Act 2011 introduced a number of reforms to the private renting sector, and as is common with Acts of the Scottish Parliament, different sections of the Act were brought into force on different dates.

On 31 August 2011, a number of the Act’s provisions were brought into force by the rather grand-sounding Private Rented Housing (Scotland) Act 2011 (Commencement No. 1 and Saving Provision) Order 2011, including the increase in the maximum penalty for acting as an unregistered landlord (from £5,000 to £50,000).

This was followed on 31 January 2012 by a second Order which brought about changes to the Houses in Multiple Occupation licensing regime.

Most recently, on 27 February the Scottish Government has launched a consultation on the proposed “Tenant Information Pack” which the 2011 Act set the foundations for. These Tenant Information Packs would have to be provided to the tenant by the landlord no later than the date on which the tenancy commences.

The current consultation seeks views on:

  • What information should be contained within a Tenant Information Pack; and
  • What the Tenant Information Pack should look like and how it will work in practice.

The consultation provides an example Tenant Information Pack, which can be seen here.