The end of a marriage or cohabitation can be a source of great upset and tension.

Thankfully, the majority of separations are handled if not amicably then pragmatically, with only a relatively small proportion descending into the sort of unpleasantness seen in the cases which occasionally feature on the pages of our national newspapers.

When break-ups involve children, the potential for distress can be even greater. The Daily Telegraph has run an article highlighting how some disputes about whether children should live father or mother involve allegations of children being 'brainwashed' in an attempt to persuade them to side with one parent against the other, a topic which was also the subject of a 'phone-in on the London radio station LBC 97.3.

At Pannone we always emphasise that separating parents should put the welfare of their children first. If you find yourself in such a predicament, it can be beneficial to count on some objective, expert support from specialist family solicitors who can help you and your family.