Christopher Graham, the Information Commissioner, who hosted the European Conference of Data Protection Authorities, has requested that regulators adopt a more practical approach to data protection regulation, reflecting the changes in the way technology is now utilising personal data.

Mr Graham was speaking in front of a delegation of 90 people, including data regulators and international bodies, stating: "The digital revolution has implications for every aspect of our lives…..[politicians are claiming] that public safety is an absolute right, while privacy is a right that may need to be qualified…[and] that’s where we need to get practical…[because] the challenges are to how we do things, not what we are there for."

In addition, Mr Graham discussed the impact that reforms to EU data protection laws will have on data protection policies, the need for international co-operation, the importance of properly funding regulation and the need for effective research into the area (such as the research commissioned by the ICO that looked at the control and security UK internet users expected when providing their data).

To read the full transcript of Mr Graham's speech click here.