Pursuant to Article 96 of Federal Public Security System Act and Article 23 of the Immigration Act, all officers of the National Immigration Institute (“INM”) must go through a certification process involving a validation of the personality, ethical, socioeconomic and health profiles required for their respective activities; and undertake and successfully pass training and professionalism programs that include immigration and human rights regulations. The certification is now a requirement for being admitted, continuing and being promoted at INM.

In February 2011, INM’s Evaluation and Trust Center was formally created, whose duties include: (i) making regular evaluations of INM staff; (2) reporting to administrative units the results, and (3) issuing and updating INM certificates, etc.

Articles 22, 27 and 28 of the Regulations to the Immigration Act provide that any officer who fails to get certified will be removed.

Recently, INM reported that from 2010 through May 2013, 2,090 officers were evaluated out of which 537 failed. In 2012, 1,663 were evaluated and 441 failed, and during 2013, 212 have been evaluated and 56 failed.

During the past seven years, INM has penalized 344 officers for irregularities in the performance of their duties. In 2013, the number increased to 74.

Commissioner Ardelio Vargas has stated that as of today, more than 350 officers have been removed due to a restructuring process ordered by the new administration. One of the main consequences has been, however, a delay in the approval process of applications filed with INM and a failure to meet the deadlines established by the Department of the Interior Guidelines.