The 18th Draft was released publicly on 1 July 2015 and can be found here. The Preparatory Committee of the UPC met on Friday 10 July to discuss it. The Legal sub-committee met for further discussions at the end of July, and it is due to be adopted formally at the meeting of the Preparatory Committee on 13 October. This is expected to be the final draft of the Rules of Procedure (subject to final review by the European Commission of compatibility of that draft with the European Union law, pursuant to Article 41(2) of the UPC Agreement).

Only the Administrative Committee of the UPC has the power formally to adopt the Rules of Procedure (Article 41(2) of the UPC Agreement), so the Rules will remain in draft form until the UPC Agreement has been ratified by enough Contracting States to enter into force. At that point, the Administrative Committee will be constituted (Article 12 of the UPC Agreement) and one of its first agenda items will be to adopt the UPC Rules of Procedure which have been prepared in draft by the Preparatory Committee.