In another patent-related legal development, a district court jury found that voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) services offered by Cox Communications, one of the nation’s largest cable operators, do not infringe upon VoIP technology patents held by Verizon Communications. The verdict handed down this week by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, stands in contrast to Verizon’s earlier patent infringement victories against VoIP pioneer Vonage Holdings. Observers watching the Cox suit had predicted that a win by Verizon would open the door to similar VoIP patent claims against other cable operators. Although Cox was accused of infringing various Verizon VoIP patents that relate to Internet telephony, Cox told the court that it routes VoIP calls through its own cable network infrastructure and not through the public Internet as does Vonage. Accordingly, Cox argued and the jury ultimately agreed that the cable operator’s VoIP system did not violate the patents in question. Verizon, which had sought $404 million in damages, maintained that, “despite the decision, we believe our patents were infringed.” A spokesman further vowed that Verizon would “continue to innovate and protect our intellectual property,” although it remains unclear whether the company will appeal. Applauding the decision, Cox said it looks forward to “competing vigorously with Verizon in the marketplace, not in the courtroom.”