On December 15th, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority announced that the SEC has approved eight FINRA rules as part of the Consolidated FINRA Rulebook: (i) Rule 2060 (Use of Information Obtained in Fiduciary Capacity); (ii) Rule 2130 (Approval Procedures for Day-Trading Accounts); (iii) Rule 2251 (Forwarding of Proxy and Other Issuer-Related Materials); (iv) Rule 2270 (Day-Trading Risk Disclosure Statement); (v) Rule 2330 (Members' Responsibilities Regarding Deferred Variable Annuities); (vi) Rule 5210 (Publication of Transactions and Quotations); (vii); Rule 5220 (Offers at Stated Prices); and (viii) Rule 5290 (Order Entry and Execution Practices). The new rules take effect on February 15, 2010, except for FINRA Rule 2330, which has an implementation date of February 8, 2010. Regulatory Notice 09-72.