Building (Accreditation of Building Consent Authorities) Amendment Regulations 

Care of Children (Counselling) Regulations 

Commodity Levies (Harvested Wood Material) Order 

Community Magistrates (Remuneration and Allowances) Amendment Order 

Customs and Excise (Rules of Origin for ANZTEC Goods) Amendment Regulations 

Customs Export Prohibition (Livestock for Slaughter) Order 

Double Tax Agreements (Mutual Administrative Assistance) Order  

Electronic Identity Verification Amendment Regulations 

Family Dispute Resolution Regulations 

Fisheries (Location and Inspection of Registers) Notice 

Futures Contracts (iPredict Limited) Declaration and Exemption Amendment Notice (No 2) 

Hazardous Substances (Classes 1 to 5 Controls) Amendment Regulations 

Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas (Auckland) Order 

Income Tax (Minimum Family Tax Credit) Order  

Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule (No 3) 

Legal Services (Quality Assurance) Amendment Regulations (No 2) 

Local Government (Alcohol Ban Breaches) Regulations 

Maritime Transport (Oil Pollution Levies) Amendment Order 

Parliamentary Salaries and Allowances Determination  

Privacy Amendment Regulations 

Reserve Bank of New Zealand (Designated Settlement Systems) Amendment Order 

Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Fees) Regulations 

Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Fee-setting Bylaws) Order 

Sale and Supply of Alcohol Regulations 

Sleepover Wages (Settlement) (Hinemoa Lodge Limited) Order 

Sleepover Wages (Settlement) (Ngatihine Health Trust Board) Order Sleepover Wages (Settlement) (Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi Charitable Trust) Order 

Sleepover Wages (Settlement) (Pathways Health Limited) Order 

Sleepover Wages (Settlement) (Recovery Solutions Services Limited) Order 

Sleepover Wages (Settlement) (Richmond Services Limited) Order 

State-Owned Enterprises (Genesis Energy Limited) Order

Water Conservation (Kawarau) Amendment Order