The House Judiciary has approved legislation to raise the dollar amount of judgments that must be reported by county clerks of court to prothonotaries from $1,000 to $5,000.

Under HB 1025, the clerk of court would be required to submit certified copies of court-ordered fees, fines, costs and restitution to county prothonotaries to be recorded as civil judgments. Judgments less than $5,000 may be recorded, but recording is not mandatory.

The committee also approved the following bill (summary provided by committee staff):

  • SB 1006 would ban synthetically produced drugs designed to mimic the effects of other drugs. This legislation would add Salvia Divinorum; Salvinorin A; Divinorin A; synthetic marijuana; and synthetic cocaine/heroin, more commonly referred to as concentrated bath salts, to the list of Schedule I controlled substances.

The ban is supported by law enforcement and the District Attorney's Association.