On 13 September 2011, Jack Straw MP introduced the Motor Insurance Regulation Bill (Bill No.229) to Parliament under the Ten Minute Rule. In his speech, Mr Straw outlined the four areas of the motor insurance market that need reform: Clause 1 seeks to contend the payment of referral fees by making it a criminal offence to solicit, offer or pay a referral fee relating to a personal injury road traffic claim; Clause 2 seeks to establish new standards relating to the objectiveness of evidence required and damages payable for whiplash; Clause 3 seeks to reduce the flat fee that insurers pay lawyers for claims below £10,000, by reforming the Pre-Action Protocol for Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents; Clause 4 would seek to stop postcode discrimination by insurers, by prohibiting insurers from isolating the level of risk arising from personal injury claims to an area smaller than Wales, or a standard English region.

The Bill is expected to have its second reading on 20 January 2012.