ERPB issues post-meeting statement: ERPB held its third meeting on 29 June. Among other things, the meeting addressed:

  • instant payments in euro: ERPB determined that, irrespective of the payment instrument on which they are based, instant payment solutions offered to end-users in euro should be developed at the pan-European level or, if developed at the national level, should at least be interoperable with those solutions based on the same payment instrument;
  • person-to-person (P2P) mobile payments: any person should be able to initiate a pan-European P2P mobile payment safely and securely, using a simple method with information the counterparty is prepared to share in order to make a payment, using existing infrastructure as far as possible;
  • recommendations on technical standards related to payment cards: there will be technical standards for payment cards in the EU; and
  • electronic invoicing solutions related to retail payments: ERPB endorsed the objective of a harmonised electronic invoice/bill presentment and payment service for payers and payees, and an electronic invoicing/billing network for payees to reach all consumers and businesses in Europe.

(Source: Statement Following the Third Meeting of ERPB Held on 29 June 2015)