The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue recently issued its 2010 tax amnesty program guidelines. In general, all taxes administered by the department are eligible for amnesty. Eligible periods are those where a known or unknown delinquency exists as of June 30‚ 2009. Unpaid taxes‚ penalties, and interest from periods subsequent to June 30‚ 2009‚ are not eligible for the Amnesty Program.

The program period begins April 26‚ 2010‚ and ends on June 18‚ 2010. To participate‚ taxpayers are required to file an online amnesty return‚ file all delinquent tax returns‚ and make the required payment within the amnesty period. The benefit of participating is that all penalties and one-half of the interest due will be waived.

For more information‚ please review PA Bulletin‚ Doc. No. 09-2237