On 22 April, HMRC launched "Charities Online", a new service for charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs ("CASCs") to submit Gift Aid repayment claims online. This new service is aimed at making the process of claiming Gift Aid faster, easier and more accurate, in response to calls from the charity sector that the old system of filing paper forms was burdensome and time consuming.

Charities and CASCs now have three options to make their Gift Aid claims:-

  • They can claim online using HMRC's online form; or
  • They can claim using their own Gift Aid database; or
  • For charities who don't have internet access - or would prefer to file manually - a new paper form ChR1 will be made available by phoning the HMRC's Charities Helpline.

The new system appears to have been received relatively warmly, with reports that over 1,000 charities had enrolled for Charities Online just days after its launch.

HMRC has produced detailed guidance on enrolling and using Charities Online.