Public company audit opinions published in public company disclosure documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission are more complex under new rules enacted with the implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation (SOX). Management is obligated to establish and maintain adequate internal control over financial reporting, among its other responsibilities under SOX. There are suggested frameworks for review of this obligation and publication of the results of that review in an annual report. These disclosures are found at Item 9A of Form 10-K. The auditors have the option of including their comments on management's annual report on internal control over financial reporting in their audit opinion or in a separate opinion. At least one Big Four accounting firm is requiring its audited franchisors to include in their Item 21 Financial Statements not only the audited financial statements and related audit opinion, but a copy of Item 9A from the franchisor's Form 10-K. This goes beyond the mandates of the FTC and the states, but the FTC has made clear in the Statement of Basis and Purpose published with the revised Franchise Rule that it defers to the SEC on matters of accounting and public company compliance.