On February 27, Fannie Mae updated its Selling Guide including changes to its HomeStyle Renovation (Renovation) policy. According to Fannie Mae SEL-2018-02, the updates to the Selling Guide include, among other changes, the following: (i) sellers/servicers no longer need to be approved for the Renovation loan through Fannie Mae if they choose to wait to deliver all Renovation loans until after renovations are complete; (ii) fixed-rate mortgages for one-unit, principle residences now have a maximum allowable LTV ratio of 97% if the loan is underwritten through Desktop Underwriter; (iii) manufactured homes that do not require structural changes are eligible for Renovation loans; and (iv) removal of the requirement that the renovation must add value to the property. Lenders are required to be in compliance with the Renovation policy changes by September 1, 2018.

The Selling Guide also (i) added flexibilities in the HomeStyle Energy policy to allow for increased utilization of the program; (ii) added definitions and requirements for business continuity and disaster recovery procedures; and (iii) updated age of document requirements for loans securing properties impacted by a natural disaster.