Ofcom issued a statement on 24 September 2012 confirming their decision to renew BBC Free-to-View Limited’s Multiplex B Licence (the Mux B Licence). The Mux B Licence was awarded to BBC Free-to-View Limited in 2002 under the Broadcasting Act 1996 for the operation of digital terrestrial television. The Mux B Licence expires in November 2014 and BBC Free-to-View Limited applied for a renewal. Ofcom have decided that it is appropriate for them to renew the Mux B Licence for a further 12 years without requiring any additional obligations in respect of either coverage or promotion of digital terrestrial television equipment. As Ofcom have stated their intention to introduce administered incentive pricing (AIP) for spectrum used for broadcasting in 2014, there will be no obligation for BBC Free-to-View Limited to pay a percentage of their multiplex revenue under the renewed licence.

For the full statement, please go to: http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/binaries/consultations/muxb/ statement/statement.pdf