As one may recall recently the Law Amending Labor Law and Certain other Laws and Decrees and Restructuring Certain Debts No. 6252, also known as the new Omnibus Bill introduced some fundamental changes in the Law No. 5651 Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publication (Internet Law).

One of the fundamental and controversial changes introduced by the Omnibus Bill is that the Presidency of Telecommunication (TIB) was entitled to acquire and store internet tra­ffic data without a need for any court order.

The Constitutional Court annulled the relevant article, which provided the abovementioned change, on 2 October 2014 (not yet published in the Official Gazette) and also suspended the execution of the same. The decision of the Constitutional Court on suspension of the relevant article was published in the Official Gazette on 9 October 2014.

The Turkish language text of the Constitutional Court decision on suspension of the relevant article can be found at the following link: