Each month SCOLAG publish a legal journal which contains articles and updates in relation to the most recent legislative and judicial changes in the law.

Myself and my colleague Lisa Daniels were asked to produce the employment law content towards the end of last year and I thought it would be useful to start sharing this content via this blog.

You can view the latest employment law quarterly update here. This provides an update in relation to the many employment law changes which have recently taken place and which are due to take place shortly. In addition, it also examines recent employment cases including in relation to discrimination, redundancy, protective awards, unfair dismissal and restrictive covenants.

Given the pace that employment law is currently moving at there have been one or two developments since this article was written.

In the first instance, at the time the article was written the Government had indicated that vicarious liability for employers for detriments, on the grounds that an employee made a protected disclosure, by other workers, would not be introduced at the same time as the other changes to the law surrounding whistleblowing. However, vicarious liability was in fact introduced on 25 June 2013 and is now in force.

Also we now know that the implementation of confidential pre-termination settlement discussions will take place on 29 July 2013. On this date compromise agreements will also be renamed settlement agreements.

By way of background, the purposes of SCOLAG is to increase understanding of the law and legal services, and to work to improve the legal system for the benefit of those people in Scotland who are economically, socially or otherwise disadvantaged. It is a registered charity funded by membership subscription.

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