The Commission published for comments a draft of a new, amended state aid de minimis regulation. Although the Commission does not intend to adjust the current de minimis ceiling of EUR 200 000 per undertaking over three fiscal years, it proposes various other amendments to the existing document. The Commission proposes, for instance, to gradually introduce a central register for all de minimis measures, as well as other measures which aim at strengthening the existing monitoring and reporting obligations on the member states to ensure a better basis for the Commission to supervise the executed compliance with the de minimis ceiling. The Commission also proposes to introduce a safe-harbor provision for loans below EUR 1 million with a duration of up to five years for which no calculation of the gross grant equivalent on the basis of the applicable reference rate is necessary. The Commission further proposes to introduce various amendments which aim at clarifying and simplifying the regulation. The Commission invites comments on the new revised draft by 15 May 2013. Source: Draft Regulation and Explanatory Note 20/3/2013