The proposed regulations spearheaded by Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman and recommended by Denver’s Planning Commission last month may not have a clear path to approval by City Council. As discussed in a prior post, the proposed zoning regulations for short-term rentals, drafted after much consideration in public presentations and town hall meetings earlier this year, would permit properly licensed short-term rentals city-wide, subject to certain limitations. One of those limitations, which require the short-term rental unit to be the host’s primary residence, received significant push-back from several Denver residents who currently rent homes other than their primary residence on hosting websites such as Airbnb and VRBO.

As reported by Westword earlier this week, Councilman Wayne New has proposed an amendment that would address these concerns by allowing an individual’s license to be attached to a secondary property. Another possible amendment comes from Councilman Kevin Flynn, who proposes to address short-term rentals in a use overlay that could be applied (or not applied) to more specific portions of the City. Denver’s zoning code permits use overlays for off-site signage (i.e., billboards) and adult businesses, but prohibits the addition of any new use overlays, so Councilman Flynn’s proposal would need to include an amendment to that provision of the zoning code as well.

It’s not clear how these councilmembers intend to introduce these proposals, particularly with Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman’s already underway, but Councilman Flynn has indicated that he intends to file his proposal directly, bypassing the public process undertaken by Councilwoman Susman earlier this year. The City Council committee is scheduled to discuss Susman’s proposal on April 13, and the public hearing is scheduled for June 13.