"Chattanooga mayor credits city utility for bolstering broadband" :: FierceTelecom

City of Bountiful, UT  approves bond for buildout of a city-owned fiber network by UTOPIA Fiber :: KSL

Knoxville Utilities Board expands retail fiber network :: Knox News

"Rhode Island’s First Municipal Broadband Network Goes Live on Block Island" -  "[T]he island project remains on schedule and on budget" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

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Treasury approves $152M CPF award for Mississippi broadband program :: Department of the Treasury

"First look: New version of the National Broadband Map" -- "There are some surprises. Michigan, for example, lost 71,139 Unserved locations, an 18% decline, which leads to a $416 million lower allocation. (This deserves further investigation)." :: Mike's Newsletter :: Light Reading

. . . "[T]his is the version of the map that will be used for making allocations to states in the $42.5 billion [BEAD] program. NTIA, which is administering the BEAD program, expects to announce those allotments by the end of June." :: Telecompetitor :: FierceTelecom

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House Commerce Committee advances seven bills "to close the digital divide and improve American leadership in wireless communications" :: House Commerce Committee

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. . . "Here's how the European Commission proposal to force websites to pay ISPs violates net neutrality" :: Stanford Center for Internet and Society

FCC issues Notice of Apparent Liability proposing $1.4M fine against PayG for underpayment of Universal Service fees; adopts Order modifying USF forfeiture methodology :: NAL :: Memorandum Opinion and Order

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