The Justice Select Committee report on the post-legislative scrutiny of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 gave considerable attention to the application of the Act to universities, confirming that those in receipt of financial support under section 65 of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 are subject to the Act. Evidence was submitted as to the changing pattern of financial support for universities and suggestions made for removing, or limiting, the scope of the legislation to universities. However, the Information Commissioner opposed the removal of universities from the scope of the legislation, saying in evidence "...just because universities get a lot of money from the private sector, it does not mean that they are not a very important part of the public realm. Students, parents and schools will expect universities to be publicly accountable, and they are public authorities." The Justice Select Committee endorsed the view of the Information Commissioner, noting its recommendation for an amendment to the Act to provide a specific exemption in connection with academic research. However, the Committee did not specifically address the question of those bodies providing education which are not in receipt of public funding. It went on to consider more generally the situation of private bodies which have contracts with public authorities. In this regard, the Committee emphasised the importance of "the right to access information not being undermined by the increased use of private providers" and that contractual terms should be used and enforced with outsourced services to commercial organisations.