In recent years, event data recorders have been used by various safety organizations and administrative offices to capture information such as the speed of a vehicle or the use of a safety belt. All of this data was used by the office of vehicle safety to research and improve vehicle safety.

Although these cameras are advertised as being a safety feature that can help record accidents or even crimes, drivers are finding creative ways to use their dash cams. Now, these event data recorders, more commonly known on the road as “dash cams” are evolving into a gadget for consumers to use in their cars. Dash cams are becoming the talk of the town. As part of a push to promote the use of event dash cams, video sites have been created where consumers can post videos and pictures taken from their vehicles.

On these dash cam sites, videos and photos aren’t of gruesome scenes of blood or terrible accents, rather these sites have become creative forums where drivers can post their photography or videos based on distinct categories and genres. For example, you can upload videos based on beautiful scenery, rare cars, or any other genre that you could come up of things you can see with while on the road. In Japan, websites such as Dora Dora Douga (run by JFAMate Co.) allow drivers to post their dash cam videos.

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