As announced (in German only) Aug. 8, the EUR 50 million annual budget of German federal film fund DFFF (Deutscher Filmförderfonds) has been exhausted, meaning that no additional funding will be granted in 2016. DFFF reviews applications on a first come, first served basis until the annual budget runs dry. Applications received later may get a positive grant only in the next calendar year from the new annual budget.
The German Motion Picture Fund (GMPF), newly introduced as a federal film fund by the German Ministry of Economics in December 2015 and focusing on internationally co-produced films and high quality serial formats, has also been popular. GMPF works on the same basis as DFFF, and reports (in German only) indicate that by June 2016, at least EUR 7 million of its 10 million annual budget was already granted in funding awards. Among the projects funded were Tom Tykwer's series "Babylon Berlin" and Amazon original series production "You Are Wanted". The amounts of funding for each, however, remain undisclosed.