The Chamber of Deputies has also been submitted with a bill amending the Act on the Protection of Economic Competition as Parliamentary Bulletin No. 702. The bill is designed primarily to ensure terminological consistency between the Act on the Protection of Economic Competition and the post-codification regulations on private law now in effect.

The bill is also designed to:

  • define cases subject to Anti-Monopoly Office oversight of public authorities and provide for the execution of such oversight;
  • as part of a simplified procedure for approval to combine competitors, establish the possibility of the Office re-uesting additional evidence from the parties to such procedure;
  • facilitate international cooperation between anti-monop- oly authorities;
  • define the procedure for handling documents containing commercial, banking or otherwise protected business se-rets and other sensitive documents;
  • broaden the possibility of reviewing the legality of the Office’s conduct in a spot investigation occurring in competitors’ business premises in court proceedings to include protection against unlawful intervention, instruction or coercion by an administrative authority.

This law shall enter into force on the thirtieth day after its promulgation.