On March 5, 2009, Rod Beckstrom resigned from his position as the Director of the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) in a letter to Secretary of DHS Janet Napolitano. His resignation was effective yesterday (March 13, 2009). Citing domination of cyber security issues by the National Security Agency (NSA), along with a lack of funding and support, Beckstrom stated that he instead "advocated a model where there is a credible civilian government cybersecurity capability which interfaces with, but is not controlled by, the NSA."

Less than one week later, Secretary Napolitano named Phil Reitinger, currently the Chief Trustworthy Infrastructure Strategist at Microsoft, to be Deputy Undersecretary of the National Protections Program division within DHS. In announcing Reitinger's appointment, Secretary Napolitano said that "Phil's background in cybersecurity and computer crime coupled with his experience working across the federal government and the private sector to develop innovative security strategies makes him an asset to our department."