It's almost time.  No, we aren't talking Labor Day.  Sunrise B is conveniently scheduled to begin September 7, just after the holiday.  And you thought you were going to relax this weekend.

For those who haven't reviewed our previous posts, Sunrise B is the period during which hospitality companies can block their qualifying trademarks from registration by others as domain names in .XXX.  As of the beginning of August, ICM had already allocated about 1500 domains under .XXX.   Hospitality companies are strongly advised to take advantage of the Sunrise B process to avoid potentially embarrassing associations with the type of adult content intended for .XXX.

Over the last month, the ICM Registry has made available some educational content regarding the .XXX launch, including a visual overview of the process and a 3 minute video.  We vetted them and can assure you they are safe for work.  

The ICM Registry has also posted its Sunrise B policies.  Thankfully, the final policy extended the Sunrise B period to October 28th - originally, Sunrise B was only scheduled to run for 30 days.  The policies also answered some technical questions, such as:

  • If a trademark contains spaces between words, you can complete a Registration Request by substituting a hyphen for the space or by eliminating the space in its entirety. Each variation of a trademark must be submitted and paid for as a separate Registration Request.  Registration of domain names that are comprised of typographical errors of your trademark or that include generic of descriptive words in addition to your trademark may be registered once .XXX domain names become available to the general public on December 6, 2011.
  • The publicly available WHOIS information for all reserved names will state the Registry and not any particular Sunrise B applicant.
  • In the event that there is more than one qualified applicant under Sunrise B, the domain name will be reserved in exactly the same way as if there were only a single applicant and there will be no refund or apportionment of fees among such applicants.

Trademark owners must file their Reservation Requests through one of the accredited registrars listed on the ICM Registry site.  The fee for filing a Reservation Request is set by the selected registrar, but is currently expected to be approximately between $200 and $350 per domain name.