In re MicroBlade, LLC (Bankr. W.D. Wis.) Case no. 11-14981

MicroBlade, LLC recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and, although no sale has been announced, the Debtor’s assets may be available for acquisition under the right circumstances.  The Debtor is a developer of high performance telecommunications and industrial computing applications and hardware. The Debtor states that its principal reasons for filing for bankruptcy are the withdrawal of funding for client projects and a patent infringement litigation. The Debtor’s personal property consists of bank accounts with a disclosed balance of $6,390; security deposits valued by the Debtor at $10,403; accounts receivable booked by the Debtor at $56,557; office equipment and supplies valued by the Debtor at $22,500; inventory valued by the Debtor at $10,350; and registered trademarks, pending patents and software license agreements of unknown value.  The Debtor’s gross receipts for 2009 were $1.3 million; for 2010 they were $988,112; and for 2011 to date they are $671,785.