The EU Posted Workers Enforcement Directive has been implemented in Spain. The Directive makes changes to the existing directive in the country in relation to foreign workers assigned to work temporarily in Spain. 

The changes are as follows :

  • Online Notification System   A new online registration portal has been introduced by the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security.  The purpose of this is to ensure that companies enter relevant labour and social security related details for each worker before the start of their assignment.
  • Designated Representative   It will be mandatory to have a designated contact within the host company in Spain that is responsible for liaising with the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.  It will be a requirement to provide the name and contact details of the designated representative.
  • Document Retention The following documents must be kept available prior to the assignee being transferred to Spain: 

i. Employment contract; 

ii. Payslips;

iii. Confirmation of employee’s working hours; and

iv. Work permit.

All documents concerning the individuals being assigned to work in Spain must be translated into Spanish.