The Commission opened formal antitrust proceedings against the Lithuanian railway incumbent AB Lietuvos geležinkeliai ("LG") to investigate whether it abused its dominant position in violation of article 102 TFEU on the rail markets in Lithuania and Latvia by removing a railway track. According to the Commission, LG suspended traffic on a railway track running between Lithuania and Latvia in September 2008, and one month later dismantled the track. Since then the track has not been rebuilt. The removal limits the number of rail connections between Latvia and Lithuania. The Commission is concerned that these actions could limit competition on the rail markets in Lithuania and in Latvia, in particular by preventing customers from redirecting their railway freight to Latvia using the services of other rail operators. Following a complaint, the Commission carried out inspections at the premises of LG in 2011. According to the Commission, its investigation will now focus on the removal of the railway track and LG's subsequent conduct. Source: Commission Press Release 6/3/2013