The Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) has advised Kellogg Co. to revise the packaging for Fruit Flavored Snacks, recommending against statements that the product is “made with real fruit.”

The front of the package featured cartoon characters and the statement “made with real fruit” superimposed on the image of an apple. The side panel clarified that the snacks are “made with equal to 20% fruit.” Based on a typical child’s interpretation of the message, CARU found that children may be confused because “although the fruit flavored snacks were made with fruit puree concentrate, at the end of the process, only a very small amount of actual fruit puree concentrate was included in each serving of the product.” In a statement, Kellogg indicated that it disagreed with CARU’s findings but would modify the language and remove the apple logo in deference to the self-regulatory process.