In 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed a law providing for “religious comp time” which enables federal employees to attend religious events “in lieu of earned overtime pay”…Under the regulations, workers get paid for unused hours of religious comp time when they change jobs or retire…So by banking overtime to be spent on religious purposes - - but not using the time for religious purposes - - employees can stack up large numbers of hours which convert to cash when they retire…According to the Washington Post, one employee, for example, had about 350 hours of unused religious leave which converted to over $20,000 when he retired. Other employees at a different agency built up their hours so their final paychecks could include payouts of $195,000 to $250,000. This fall, Congressional investigators found that Food and Drug Administration employees are accruing thousands of religious leave hours…Other employees use the comp time to play golf or travel…The theme is “don’t pray, get the pay and go play”…We need a new government classification called WWW: Watchers to Watch the Watchers.