The Cabinet has approved a Royal Decree creating and regulating the Intersectoral Commission for actions against activities that infringe Industrial Property rights, affiliated with the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, replacing the one created in 2005 with the same name.

In concrete, the commission will seek coordination of the Public Authorities among themselves and with private organizations for the protection of Industrial Property rights, for studying, proposing and implementing measures to prevent and eliminate behaviours infringing these rights.

Moreover, it will coordinate with Community structures for and the compliance of International obligations assumed by Spain in this field. In particular, the Commission will act as channel of the necessary actions for the fulfilment of the purposes of the European Observatory in its fight against counterfeiting.

The Commission will have three working groups. The Awareness group will develop awareness-raising campaigns about Industrial Property rights.

The Statistics group, on its part, shall draw up, on an annual basis, statistics relating to activities against the infringement of Industrial Property rights, while the Regulations group will be responsible for proposals to amend the legislation in force in order to improve the legislative framework for the protection of Industrial Property rights. Likewise, it will monitor the compliance of the obligations assumed by Spain in this area on an International and Community level.

(Source: Europa Press, 31-01-14)