On march 10, 2017, the Italian Data Protection Authority sanctioned 5 undertakings (Sigue Global Service Limited, Yume s.r.l., Marc 1 s.r.l; Sirama s.r.l; Euro Comunication System s.r.l) for the total amount of 11 million euros, because they processed personal data of data subjects against the Italian data protection Code.

Those companies, in order to satisfy the desire of some customers to prevent the association between financial transfers and the real senders, operated fractionating the money transfer, dividing the sums of money in several operations under the amount laid down by the money laundering law and attributed money transfers to more than a thousand data subjects, completely unaware, using illegally their data.

Data subjects used to cover the real senders were not informed of the operations against the money laundry law, and did not provided their consent to the companies to use their personal data, as required by article 23 of the italian data protection code.