On June 4, the CFPB released new TILA and ECOA examination procedures, which were updated to incorporate certain of the CFPB mortgage rules finalized in January 2013 that address appraisals, escrow accounts, and mortgage loan originator compensation and qualifications. Parts of the Regulation Z (TILA) amendments took effect June 1, 2013, while the majority of the changes to both Regulation Z and Regulation B (ECOA) take effect in January 2014. The CFPB explained that the procedures will help financial institutions and mortgage companies understand how they will be examined under the new requirements that, among other things: (i) set qualification and screening standards for loan originators, (ii) prohibit steering incentives, (iii) prohibit “dual compensation,” (iv) extend the required duration of an escrow account on higher-priced mortgage loans, (v) prohibit mandatory arbitration, (vi) require lenders to provide appraisal reports and valuations, and (vii) prohibit single premium credit insurance.