TIPO rejected an application filed by MITSUI Food & Beverage Enterprise Group (“MFBEG”) for registration of “MITSUI” mark designated for “retailing of foodstuffs, beverage retailing, retailing of agricultural supplies, retailing of fishery products, supermarket, convenience store, electronic shopping” in Class 35 of services, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the IP Court affirmed.  The IP Court found that the “MITSUI” mark contains the words “MITSUI” which is part of the trademarks “ Click here to view image”, “Click here to view image” and “Click here to view image” owned by the well-known Mitsui & Co. (Taiwan), Ltd. (“MCL”) and its affiliates, which have diversified scope of business including metal, machinery, basic chemicals, energy, food stuff, etc.  Given the above, the IP Court ruled that MFBEG’s application for registration of “MITSUI” mark should be rejected on the ground of likelihood of confusion.

Stacy Lin