The Employment Appeal Tribunal in Teva (UK) v Heslip UKEAT/0008/09 has held that there may be circumstances where, although a claim cannot be presented within the statutory time limits, it can still be accepted if presented within a "reasonable" time. In this case, the Claimant found out that her job had not ceased, as she had thought, but that in fact it was being carried out by another person. This information came to light after the 3 month time limit for presenting a redundancy unfair dismissal claim had expired. The EAT held that where information has become available after the time limit has expired, and that information genuinely and reasonably changes what the Claimant believes to be true, the claim can proceed so long as it is brought within a “reasonable” time. This case serves as a warning to employers who may attempt to wait until the three month time limit for raising a Tribunal claim has expired before taking steps to replace an employee who has been dismissed on the grounds of “redundancy”.