In a prior post, we reported the district court’s denial of the insurer’s motion to compel arbitration in Union Electric Co. v. Aegis Energy Syndicate 1225. In that decision, the court held that a choice of law and forum selection clause agreeing “to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the state of Missouri” in a policy endorsement, commonly known as a service of suit provision, prevailed over an alternative dispute resolution clause in the policy itself, and foreclosed arbitration. On April 19, 2013, the Eighth Circuit affirmed that decision, holding that the endorsement’s plain language gave Missouri courts jurisdiction over all disputes related to the policy. The court was not persuaded by the insured’s argument that the endorsement granted only personal jurisdiction over the parties for Missouri courts to enforce the ADR provision. This decision is setting up a conflict of opinions on this issue. Union Electric Co. v. Aegis Energy Syndicate 1225, No. 12-3546 (8th Cir. April 19, 2013).