A new Decree on Pharmaceutical Tariffs (713/2013; the “Decree”) will alter retail prices, decreasing the price of the most expensive and increasing the price of the least expensive medicines. Notably, the handling fee of all medicinal products will rise from the current EUR 0.39 to EUR 2.17. The changes will result in savings as the state will not have to pay consumers as much in KELA reimbursements.

As the Decree will cause higher expenses for some consumers, the Government Bill (HE 170/2013) proposes amendments to the Health Insurance Act (1224/2004) to lower the consumer’s yearly copayment threshold for medicine expenses from EUR 670 to EUR 610. The expenses exceeding the threshold are not affected: they are still reimbursed in full except for the EUR 1.50 copayment for each purchase.

The Decree and the amended Health Insurance Act are set to come into force on 1 January 2014.