The Third Circuit has determined it lacked jurisdiction to hear the appeal of parties disputing their obligations in connection with certain reinsurance guarantees. In a breach of contract action, an insurer (Everest) alleged that certain guarantors failed to fulfill their obligations following the reinsurer’s (Founders) refusal to pay over $76 million to Everest under a reinsurance agreement. The guarantors filed counterclaims, in part seeking a declaration that no monies are due and owing under the guarantees because Everest unnecessarily reimbursed lenders for certain claims. In connection with a separate arbitration between Everest and Founders, an arbitral panel ordered Founders to post $70 million in favor of Everest as security. Founders failed to comply. Everest then moved for partial summary judgment in the lawsuit, seeking an order requiring the guarantors to satisfy Founders’s obligation to post security. Everest also moved to dismiss the counterclaims. The district court granted Everest’s motion for partial summary judgment and granted, in part, Everest’s motion to dismiss.

The appellate court found it lacked jurisdiction to hear the appeal on the one remaining counterclaim and on Everest's breach of contract claim, as there was no final order being appealed from, and because the district court’s award was merely one for the payment of money, and not an injunction (which would have accorded the guarantors the right to an interlocutory appeal). The appeal was dismissed. Everest Nat'l Ins. Co. v. Sutton, No. 08-4643 (3d Cir. Apr. 7, 2009).