Pursuant to a May 2011 amendment to the National Court Register Act, the Polish Ministry of Justice launched a program on 29 June 2012 enabling users to download electronic transcripts from the National Court Register. Interested parties may now use an electronic transcript and print it out for themselves immediately. The legal status of a transcript obtained in this way is the same as that of a traditional, sealed transcript issued by the National Court Register Information Centre.

The amendment enabling the use of electronic transcripts from the National Court Register went into effect at the beginning of 2012, together with the relevant executive regulations. Under Art. 4(4a) and (4aa) of the National Court Register Act,

“The Information Centre shall provide free access via commonly accessible informatics networks to current information about entities entered in the Register as well as a list of the documents included in the catalogue. Independently downloaded computer printouts of current information about entities entered in the Register shall have force equal to the documents issued by the Information Centre referred to in par. 3 if they possess characteristics enabling verification thereof against the data included in the Register.”

Electronic transcripts from the National Court Register obtained via the Ministry of Justice website may be used either in electronic form or in the form of a printout made by the user. If the electronic form may not be used in a given proceeding, a person submitting a printout will be required to enclose a statement that the printout is consistent with the electronic document obtained by the user.

How to obtain an electronic transcript?

The search engine enabling users to obtain a current transcript for any entity entered in the National Court Register is available at the website of the Ministry of Justice.

The system also enables verification of electronic transcripts through the use of a field containing a unique identification number for each electronically generated transcript from the register. Using the ID number, the search engine will generate a copy of the transcript as originally downloaded, which may be used to verify whether or not the electronic transcript has been altered.


There is no fee for use of the search engine or for downloading or verifying electronic transcripts. This saves money (as the fee for obtaining a transcript in the traditional form is PLN 30), but more importantly it saves the time required to fill out and submit the application. The availability of electronic transcripts means that users do not need to check for updated transcripts on a regular basis, but may simply download a current transcript whenever needed. A trip to the court will be necessary only when a full transcript (containing additional historical data) is needed.