The EU Council has confirmed the objectives of the EU Energy Policy set in the European Commission's Energy Package of 10 January 2007. The Council urged Member States to achieve the EU's energy consumption saving potential of 20 per cent compared to projections for 2020. It has welcomed a new international agreement on energy efficiency and called for an early review of the Community guidelines on State aid for environmental protection. The Council confirmed a target of 20 per cent of renewable energies in overall EU energy consumption and a ten per cent binding minimum target for the share of biofuels in overall EU transport and diesel consumption by 2020. On the internal market for gas and electricity, the Council invited the Commission to make proposals for inter alia (i) the effective separation (unbundling) of supply and production activities from network operations and (ii) further harmonisation of powers and strengthening of the independence of national energy regulators. The Council's conclusions underline the EU's determination to prioritise its Energy Policy, but also prove that it will be very difficult to find implementation measures that will suit a majority of EU Member States.