A district court ordered the SEC to produce material solely in its possession to a defendant in a parallel criminal prosecution by the U.S. Attorney.  United States v. Martoma, No. 12-CR-973 (S.D.N.Y. Jan. 6, 2014).  A defendant is owed Brady and Giglio material in sole possession of the SEC if the SEC and USAO conducted a joint investigation.  The court found that the SEC and USAO conferred regarding their parallel investigation, beginning shortly after the USAO commenced its investigation of insider trading in Elan and Wyeth securities at SAC Capital.  The two agencies jointly conducted twenty interviews of twelve witnesses.  The SEC provided the USAO with documents unearthed during its investigation, including all documents it received from SAC.  The SEC also coordinated efforts in deposing SAC Capital and its employees.  The court held this sufficient to find that the offices were conducting a joint investigation, and that material solely in possession of the SEC needed to be turned over to the defendant.