The Czech Energy Regulatory Office sets, in its Price Decree 7/2011, the feed in tariff and green bonuses for electricity generated from renewable resources in 2012.

The prices for electricity generated by the new renewable facilities in 2012 have decreased  in comparison  to 2011 (with the exception of  the tariffs for hydro-generated electricity which have slightly increased). The prices for electricity produced in existing renewable facilities (put into operation prior to 2012)  will rise  by 2 percent.

The following feed in tariff / green bonuses (in CZK/MWh, without VAT) will be applicable for electricity from renewable resources (from new facilities put into operation in 2012):

  • Small hydroelectric power stations – 3,190 / 2,140;
  • Electricity generation by burning biomass – 4,580 / 3,530;
  • Electricity generation by burning biogas with effective use of generated heat – 4,120 / 3,070;
  • Electricity generation by burning biogas without effective use of generated heat – 3,550 / 2,500;
  • Electricity generation from landfill gas – 2,580 / 1,530;
  • Electricity generation using wing energy – 2,230 / 1,790;
  • Electricity generation using geothermal energy – 4,500 / 3,450;
  • Electricity generation using solar radiation in plants with output up to 30kW – 6,160 / 5,080.

The full wording of the Price Decree 7/2011 is available here.

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Pursuant to the current Act on the Promotion of Use of Renewable Resources the feed in tariff shall ensure return of investment in renewable facilities within 15 years.

Please note that  the approval procedure  for  the new  law on  renewable energy sources (Act on Supported Energy Sources) has not yet been completed. The new Act should become effective from 1 January 2013.