<p>The Federal Trade Commission (&ldquo;Commission&rdquo;) recently announced that it will hold a series of public roundtable discussions beginning on December 7, 2009, to address developing challenges to consumer privacy created by new technology and business practices. The roundtables will explore the impact of a range of practices, including, inter alia, online behavioral advertising, social networking, cloud computing, and mobile marketing. The panels will also explore the uses of information by retailers, data brokers, third-party applications, and other entities. The Commission intends to facilitate discussions of the risks and benefits of information collection and use from these practices.</p> <p>Stakeholders with an interest in serving on a roundtable panel have until October 30, 2009 to make a request to participate. Additionally, parties may submit comments to the Commission by November 6, 2009, addressing such topics as: (1) the risks and benefits of the collection, sharing, and use of consumer information; (2) common consumer expectations about how consumer information is collected and used; and (3) whether existing law and self-regulation adequately protect consumer privacy interests.</p>