On the 2nd July 2019, a resolution was introduced in Uzbekistan which provides specific guidelines to ascertain whether a trademark is well-known.

According to this resolution, a trademark should be recognised as well known if it can be identified in relation to the goods/services, for which it is registered by customers in Uzbekistan, as well as by business circles and distributors relating to the goods/services the trademark is related to. Moreover, the trademark itself must be recognised as having commercial value, as holding a certain quality of goods or services in connection to the trademark by relevant public sectors, be viewed as highly distinctive (either through being inherently distinctive or acquiring distinctiveness through its extensive use) and be used in relation to the Uzbek country code top-level domain (ccTLD).

It should perhaps also be noted that as a result of this resolution, the Board of Appeal (BoA) of the Uzbek Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is now under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice, such that the Minister of Justice has become the Chairman of the BoA. This change may have been introduced so as to reduce the IPO’s influence on BoA’s rulings and provide a more objective review when it comes to appeals and objections.